[Singapore] FAQ – Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

FAQ - Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

Virtual meetings have been officially accepted. On 9 May 2023, the government accepted the bill proposing changes to continue allowing companies to hold meetings via electronic means (either fully virtual or hybrid), after revoking it under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act.

[Taiwan]Taiwan’s Provisional Income Tax Q&A

Taiwan Provisional Income Tax

Q1: What is the provisional income tax in Taiwan?
A: The provisional income tax can be translated as temporary or preliminary tax payment. It means temporarily paying a portion of taxes to the National Tax Bureau for the 1st half of the current year. The final tax settlement for the current year’s business income tax is conducted in May of the following year, and any excess payment made during the temporary payment season will be refunded, while any shortfall will need to be paid.

[Singapore] FAQ : 3 Common Questions to Ask What the Google Ads is in Digital Marketing 

utsourcing Google Ads management can prove to be a prudent decision for businesses aiming to optimize their paid search efforts while freeing up valuable time and resources. As a busy business owner or marketer, mastering the complexities of Google Ads can be challenging, and without a thorough understanding, it may lead to suboptimal results or unnecessary expenses. By collaborating with our proficient digital marketing specialists, you can gain comprehensive insights into how Google Ads can precisely benefit your business. Reach out to us today to schedule a call and explore the potential advantages of our Google Ads outsourcing services.

[Singapore] FAQ – Register of registrable controllers (RORC)

Q When must a company start keeping a register of registrable controllers?

A: From 31 March 2017, all companies, foreign companies and limited liability partnerships (LLPs) incorporated in Singapore, unless exempted, are required to have and maintain a register of registrable controllers (RORC) within 30 days from the date of incorporation.



Q : Can I still file my company’s ECI if its financial year end shown at mytax.iras.gov.sg or the ECI notification from IRAS is incorrect? A : Yes. Do proceed to file the ECI. You should also update the financial year end with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). IRAS will then update its records based on the information filed with ACRA.

[Singapore] FAQ – 5 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Google Ads Campaign 

What are the specific goals of my Google Ads campaign?

Before starting a campaign, it’s important to define what you want to achieve with it. Do you want to increase website relevant traffic, generate high-quality leads, boost sales, or improve brand awareness? Defining your goals will help you create targeted ads and measure the success of your campaign.

[Singapore] SAT – Self-Assessment Tool FAQ

Self-Assessment Tool (SAT)

What is the self-assessment tool used for?
It is an online tool to assess if you qualify for an Employment Pass or S Pass based on the information provided, such as salary, educational qualifications and work experience.

FAQ – Corporate Bank Account Opening in Singapore

싱가폴 은행 계좌 개설

밥인 설립이 완료되면 이어서 계좌 개설 시도 가능하십니다. 은행별 특징 및 조건들이 상이하여 사전 은행 비교부터 하셔야 하며, 당사에서 은행비교표 안내드리면 검토 후 선정해주시면 됩니다.

Budget 2022 Announcements on Employment Pass and S Pass moves

싱가포르 EP, S pass의 2022년 예산안

EP/S Pass – The 2022 Budget showed changes in the workforce policy in the Employment Visa EP and SP Pass to strengthen complementarity between local and overseas workers. These policy changes can be seen in detail on the Singapore Labor Office (MOM) site.