FAQ – Corporate Bank Account Opening in Singapore

싱가폴 은행 계좌 개설

In general, the bank would require the below business supporting documents as for their preliminary review before the bank account application can be onboarded:

  • Copy of business profile
  • Copy of the company constitution
  • Any related invoices from your existing company in your country (e.g. suppliers and customers invoices);
  • Any contract or agreement from your existing company in your country;
  • List of supplier and/or customer in Singapore or South East Asia, if any;
  • Past 3 months main operating bank statements from your existing company in your country;
  • Director’s CV


Do note that the bank requires to obtain the certified true copy of the passport and address proof from the company’s officers and authorised signatory(ies).

The corporate bank account can be arranged via video call and opened remotely. Please contact us for more details as Premia TNC will be able to arrange the corporate bank account opening remotely and further follow up with the banker.

The bank will normally perform a preliminary review before the video call meeting can be arranged. After the meeting has been done, it may take 2-4 weeks to seek for the final approval by their compliance team.

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