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HK Certificate of Resident Status Opening

We will give an instruction for you about Certificate of Resident Status in Hong Kong. In order to enjoy tax benefits under these treaties from other jurisdictions, Hong Kong company may be required to apply Hong Kong tax residency certificate.

Singapore company management

Singapore Company Management

We will give an idea for you on how our professional team can assist your Company to ensure all the compliance requirements are in order in Singapore.


Hong Kong Company Formation & Maintenance

Get expert guidance for Hong Kong company formation and maintenance. We provide comprehensive support for business registration, company secretary services, and ongoing compliance requirements.

싱가폴 은행 계좌 개설

FAQ – Corporate Bank Account Opening in Singapore

밥인 설립이 완료되면 이어서 계좌 개설 시도 가능하십니다. 은행별 특징 및 조건들이 상이하여 사전 은행 비교부터 하셔야 하며, 당사에서 은행비교표 안내드리면 검토 후 선정해주시면 됩니다.

대만 연락사무소 FAQ

Taiwan Representative Office FAQ

you can set up a representative in Taiwan. However, the representative office cannot generate any revenue or perform the sales activities in Taiwan.

General estate tax in Taiwan Q&A

If the heir continues to live in Taiwan and is a Taiwanese citizen, all property is subject to inheritance tax, both inside and outside of Taiwan.

If the heir is a Taiwanese citizen but has continued to live outside of Taiwan, inheritance tax will only be levied on the property in Taiwan

Company management - Appointment of new director

Singapore Company Management – Appointment of New Director

You can appoint additional directors after register a company and it is required to file via ACRA. The documents required are passport copy and latest address proof in English (issued within 3 months) of new appointed director and the resolution will be provided by Premia TNC. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

OCBC X Premia TNC Prestige Partnership in Singapore

view of the uncertain business environment as well the unanticipated situation caused by the covid-19 pandemic, we are proud to announce that we have been awarded the title of ‘Prestige Partner by OCBC bank in Singapore’ for our corporate clients who are expanding their esteemed businesses.