FAQ Singapore – Company Management, Work Passes

1. Types of work passes in Singapore.

​There are several types of work passes for foreigners in Singapore such as Work Permit(WP), S Pass(SP) and Employment Pass(EP). In order to apply WP and SP for foreign workers, the company is required to hire local staff first to get quota which can hire foreigners. On the other hand, there is no quota for EP.

2. Can I become a Local Director after get an Employment pass?

​Yes, you can act as local director after you get an EP under the company which hired you. And, you must provide local address as well to be a local director.

3. Is it only possible for people living in Singapore to apply for Employment pass?

No, it is not mandatory to live in Singapore to apply for EP but It is important to have an office and operate business in Singapore if you are considering to apply for EP since MOM reviews and checks whether this company is operating business as active in Singapore and whether it is necessary to provide Visa for this EP applicant.

4. Do I have to pay personal income tax when If I get an Employment Pass?

Yes, you are required to pay file personal income tax if you are holding work passes in Singapore. IRAS will calculate your personal income tax according to your salary information which upload to MOM during EP Application.

5. Is there any mandatory payments other than personal income tax?

Yes, employer have to pay Skills Development Levy (SDL) for employees including Singorean, PR and work pass holders. The contribution amount is 0.25% of each employee’s total income, including monthly salary, between a minimum of S$2 and a maximum of S$11.25.

6. What is the validity period when an Employment Pass approved?

​For the first application of EP, the approval validity period will be up to 2 years. For renewal, it will be up to 3 years. But nowadays it is hard to get more than 1 year as validity period for first application unless business operating is very active locally.

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