FAQ about HK Smart ID

1. What is smart HK Smart ID?
The Hong Kong identity card is an official identity document issued by the Immigration Department of Hong Kong.

2023 Hong Kong Inbound Travel

홍콩 입국 관련 정보 (2023. 01. 16 기준) – 홍콩 입경 전 PCR 검사 의무 해제

the Hong Kong border is open for the traveler. However, may there have some requirements to meet for different departure places.

Hong Kong Dutiable Commodities License FAQ

FAQ - 과세물품 라이선스

An applicant shall submit license applications, including application for a new license, renewal of
a license, amendment of license particulars or cancellation of a license, through the Dutiable
Commodities System (DCS) at the website

Proper Tax Filing in Hong Kong FAQ

홍콩 세무신고 사항

THong Kong’s taxation period is from April 1st to March 31st of the following year. The types of tax returns that must be implemented in Hong Kong include employee registration reports, corporate income tax returns, and personal income tax returns.

Licensing of Pharmaceutical FAQ

홍콩 의약품 라이선스

We inform you of how to apply for a medicine license, how long it takes, and how to renew it when trading drugs in Hong Kong.