Hong Kong Dutiable Commodities License FAQ

FAQ - 과세물품 라이선스

Q1: What are the major types of Dutiable Commodities License?

A: Type

I. Import and Export
– Import and Export License
– Special Import License (for hydrocarbon oil)

II. Warehouse
– General Bonded Warehouse License
– Public Bonded Warehouse License
– Licensed Warehouse License

III. Manufacturer
– Hydrocarbon Oil Manufacturer’s License
– Tobacco Manufacturer’s License
– Liquor Manufacturer’s License
– Distillery License
– Still (for educational, scientific or charitable institution approved by Financial

Other Fees
– For every amendment of license particular
– For every replacement of license

Q2: How to apply for a license?

An applicant shall submit license applications, including application for a new license, renewal of
a license, amendment of license particulars or cancellation of a license, through the Dutiable
Commodities System (DCS) at the website:

Q3: What is the fee for applying a dutiable commodity permit?

A: Traders are not required to pay any fee to C&ED in regard to an application for a duty
commodity (DC) permit. However, they have to route their permit applications through any of the
three specified electronic service providers

(a) Brio Electronic Commerce Limited at (852) 2111 1288,

(b) Global e-Trading Services Limited at (852) 8201 0082 or

(c) Tradelink Electronic

Commerce Limited at (852) 2599 1700, and the service providers will levy a charge in this
connection. For details of the service charge, please contact the service providers direct.

Q4: What are the codes required to be entered into the system for application of Dutiable Commodities permits?

A: An applicant has to fill in the relevant codes (i.e. Supplier code, Carrier code and Commodity
Code) when applying for dutiable commodity (DC) permits via the electronic Dutiable
Commodities Permit (e-DCP) system of the specified electronic service providers.

Q5: Is it necessary to apply license and permit for the zero-rated duty liquors?

According to the Dutiable Commodities Ordinance, Chapter 109, Laws of Hong Kong, zero-
rated duty liquors are

I. liquor, other than wine, with an alcoholic strength of not more than 30% by volume
measured at a temperature of 20°C; and

II. wine.

No license and permit is required for the import, export or removal of zero-rated duty liquors.

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