Non-local COVID-19 Vaccination Record/ Recovery Record/ “Provisional Vaccine Pass” QR codes

1. Where should I declare my non-local COVID-19 vaccination or infection record?

Starting from September 2021, considering that quite a number of persons who arrived in Hong Kong, especially non-Hong Kong residents, hold non-local COVID-19 vaccination records, the Government has put in place arrangements for relevant persons to declare non-local vaccination records through boundary control points, designated post offices and online platform. 

2. What documents should I prepare to declare non-local COVID-19 vaccination/ infection/ arrival information?

Applicant who declares at the designated post office needs to fill in the declaration form (available at the designated post offices or downloaded from webpage), present his/her original identity document, non-local vaccination record and/or infection/recovery proof issued or recognised by the relevant health authorities of the place concerned (including electronic version such as positive nucleic acid test result, letter from doctor or discharge summary, etc.), and/or other relevant proof for the purpose of declaration. 


Child aged under 18 or person with a disability can authorise a person to declare on their behalf. The authorised person needs to provide his/her original identity document, contact phone number and relationship with the data subject for record. Besides, the authorised person should also present the original identity document, non-local vaccination record and/or infection proof and/or arrival information (including electronic version) of the data subject for declaration purpose.  


If you want to declare through online, please refer to the link below: 

3. I had received vaccination outside Hong Kong and subsequently received vaccination again in Hong Kong without declaring my non-local vaccine dose(s) through the online platform or post offices. How can I obtain a consolidated vaccination record?

Members of the public may declare their non-local vaccination records through the online platform “COVID-19 Vaccination Information Declaration Form” for declaration of non-local vaccination records or designated post offices, and state their local vaccination information at the same time, in order to obtain a consolidated vaccination record with the relevant QR code displayed in the correct vaccination sequence. 



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