Registered address of Hong Kong Company

Companires Ordinance

Under the Companies Ordinance, a company must have a registered office in Hong Kong to which all communication and notices may be addressed. It required that the registered address must be a physical address and cannot be a P.O. Box.

When arranging incorporation of the local company in Hong Kong, the registered office address should be stated in the incorporation form. If the registered office address missing in the form, a Registrar will reject the incorporation application.

If the address of a company’s registered office is changed, the company must deliver to the Registrar for registration a notice of the change in the specific form within 15 days after the change. Also, the company should report the registered office address in the Annual Return of a company of the statement.


Registered Address in Hong Kong

You may have a question that what is the different between Registered OFFICE address, Business address and correspondence address.

Here, you can see that:-

Registered Office Address:

Registered office address which is for the Hong Kong Company and it must be physical address in Hong Kong and P.O. Box address must not be accepted. Also, it will be recorded on Hong Kong Companies Registry for the public information which showing on the incorporation form, Annual Return, or specific form if any change.

For the Business Address:

That’s mean there is business run in this address which showing them the daily operation address of the Company. Currently, you may use the professional firm’s address for registered office address. However, Business Address cannot be professional firm’s address since there is no business will be run on that address.

For the Correspondence Address:

For example, when you open a bank account, they will request you to provide the address for the communication and post mails to you, so, for post receiving, it cannot be P.O. Box address.

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