Hong Kong Company Online Registration

Company Online Registration

To setup Hong Kong company, beside submit hard copies of registration documents to Companies Registry, which is so call traditional way; nowadays, we can register the HK company online as well.

Delivering application for company incorporation in traditional way, it is required to submit original signed hard copies to Companies Registry Office in HK. While, to setup the company online, submission of electronic forms through Companies Registry’s online platform will be sufficient.

Application delivered in traditional way will normally be incorporated within 6 working days. Once the company is well registered, Companies Registry will notify when the certificates are ready for collection. The Certificate of Incorporation (CI) and Business Registration Certificate (BR) have to be collected in person at the Companies Registry Office.

For HK limited companies, normally CI and BR in electronic form will be issued within 1 day after online registration is submitted. Email notifications for download of the Certificates will be received once incorporation is completed.

Electronic company incorporation is online service provided by the Companies Registry to facilitate electronic submission of applications for company incorporation and business registration.

Registration documents delivered to Companies Registry should be with appropriate digital signatures and format. You may look for professional service provider for assistance on company online registration.

Please be advised that, if there is corporate member or corporate director which is not local company or non-Hong Kong company registered in HK, company incorporation is required to arrange in traditional way.

For straightforward cases, HK private company limited by shares normally can be registered online in 1 day if the proposed company name does not require further consideration and approval by the Companies Registry. While, Online applications for registration of a public company or a company limited by guarantee are subject to further processing by the Companies Registry.

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