Type of Hong Kong Companies

Type of Hong Kong Company - Sole Proprietorship

  • Small-scale business for one-man only
  • Merits: Simple to set up, Profits entitilement & Lower profits tax rate

Type of Hong Kong Company - Partnership

  • Business structure allows two or more people
  • Merits: Division of labour, Sharing business risk & Lower profits tax rate
  • Demerits: No separate legal existence & Bound by the decisions of others

Type of Hong Kong Company - Private Company Limited

  • Company Limited by Shares:

– Most common type incorporated under H.K. Companies Ordinance

– Liability of the shareholders of “Company Limited by Shares”

  • Set Up Procedure: No need to visit H.K

– Tailor-Made Company : E-registration (Online Submission), Traditional Way(Paper Submission)

– Ready-Made Company : If no preference company name, find from Shelf Company List

  • Company Limited by Guarantee

– Unable to authorize the payment of a dividend or to distribute profits to its members either a provision Article of Association or passed resolution

– Liability Filing Annual Return with Audit Financial Statement.

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