Employer And Employee Tax Filing in Hong Kong

Employer's Return

Employer must complete the return and lodge with Inland Revenue Department (“IRD”) within 1 month from the issue date of the return even if no employee was hired during the year or the business has not commenced.

IRD normally issues Employer’s Return on the first working day of April. 

Employer’s Return and all the Forms IR56B must be signed by the same responsible person.  For a limited company incorporated in Hong Kong, they must be signed by the employer’s director, company secretary or manager.

Tax Return - Individuals

Let’s turn to employee tax filing.

Employee should report income, before deducting mandatory contributions to recognized retirement schemes (“MPF”), received or receivable during the year.

Income includes income from an office, full-time or part-time employment or pension from a former employer.

Even if full or partial tax exemption is claimed for offshore nature, the gross amount should be declared. Then, employee should fill in the amount to be excluded in the return and complete the Appendix to the return.

Same as Employer’s Return, the reporting period is from 1st April to 31st March of the following year. 

Employee must complete the return and lodge with IRD within 1 month from the issue date of the return.

IRD normally issues Individual Tax Return on the first working day of May. 

Employee can claim for eligible deductions, such as approved charitable donations and contributions to MPF, and eligible allowances, such as married person’s allowance and child allowance, in the return.

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