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Company Maintenance - Major government Annual Reporting

Annual Return

Every HK limited company have to file the annual return with Companies Registry and renew Business Registration Certificate with Inland Revenue every year. 

Annual return is a report notify CR updated information and company structure. For company limited by shares, the annual return date is the anniversary of the date of incorporation. It is the duty of directors to ensure the annual return accurately reflects the affairs of the company as at the date of return.

Whether the company structure has changed or not during the year, it is required to file the Annual Return with latest company structure within 42 days from the anniversary date. And the annual return must be signed by director or secretary of company and to be filed with Companies Registry with standard government fee. For any late filing, there will be government penalty imposed to the company.

Business Registration

For Business Registration Certificate, business operators may select for issue of the certificates that are valid for 1 year or 3 years.

To renew the Business Registration Certificate, business registration fee should be paid to IRD within 30 days from the anniversary date in order to obtain the updated Certificate.

The Business Registration fee amount may be adjusted by the HK Government in different financial year and it should be renewed on time to avoid any penalty.

In case the company has branch business registration, please be aware to renew the Business Registration Certificate for branch on time as well.


In Hong Kong, there are Profit Tax Return and Employer’s Return related to every corporate.

The 1st profit tax return will be issued to the company within 18 months after incorporation date and it is required arrange filing annually after the financial year ended. And the company should prepare the audited financial statement and other supporting documents submit to IRD together.

Regarding Employer’s Return, it is for the employer’s report the employee’s income and related to individual tax return. Whether the company have their employees or not, the employer’s return should be filed with IRD.

In general, employer’s return will be delivering to the company by IRD on 1st working day on April every year and the company should report the return within 1 month from the issue date.

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