What is Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA)?

Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA)

The Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) is a free trade agreement concluded by the mainland and Hong Kong. Under CEPA, all products of Hong Kong origin, except for a few prohibited articles, can be imported into the mainland tariff-free.

Under CEPA, all goods of Hong Kong origin can enjoy zero tariff preference upon importation into the Mainland.

For the purpose of claiming zero tariff benefits, every consignment of goods to the Mainland must be accompanied by a Certificate of Hong Kong Origin issued by Trade and Industry Department or one of the Government Approved Certification Organizations.

Manufacturers must first be registered with the Trade and Industry Department under Factory Registration in respect of the products they produce before they are eligible to apply for Certificate of Hong Kong Origin.

Application must be submitted at least two clear working days in advance of the departure date of the vessel concerned

The Agreement on Trade in Goods of CEPA stipulates that a good will qualify as an originating good in Hong Kong if it meets other applicable provisions of the Agreement, as well as:

  • the good is wholly obtained or produced in Hong Kong; or
  • the good is produced in Hong Kong exclusively from originating materials; or
  • the good is produced using non-originating materials in Hong Kong, and the good falls within the scope of the “Product Specific Rules of Origin”, and complies with the corresponding change in tariff classification, regional value content (RVC), manufacturing or processing operations or other requirements;


The good does not fall within the scope of the “Product Specific Rules of Origin”, but complies with the requirement that the RVC is greater than or equal to 30% when calculated by the build-up method, or the regional value content is greater than or equal to 40% when calculated by the build-down method

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