[Taiwan] Taiwan VAT Filing Q&A

대만 부가가치세 신고 FAQ

A: In general, a company should file the VAT return every 2 months in Taiwan. However, under certain circumstances, companies can apply for monthly VAT reporting after getting the approval from the tax authority.

A: The deadline is the 15th calendar day of the following month. It will be automatically shifted to the next day if the 15th day is a weekend or national holiday.

A: It will be subject to penalty as below:

  • Delayed within 30 days

1% of tax payable amount for every 2 delayed days, penalty range is from NTD$1,200 to NTD$12,000.

  • Delayed over 30 days

30% of tax payable amount, penalty range is from NTD$3,000 to NTD$30,000

A: It will be subject to the minimum penalty of NTD$1,200 (delayed within 30 days) or NTD$3,000 (delayed over 30 days).

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Value-added tax (VAT) in Taiwan FAQ

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