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대만 소기업/소상공인의 부가가치세 신고 FAQ

[Taiwan] Taiwan VAT Filing – Small Business for Selling Goods Q&A

What is the definition of a small business entity in Taiwan? There are 4 criteria of a small business entity as below. The business scope is small. The monthly sales amount is lower than NTD$200,00. The monthly sales have been verified by the tax authority. Subject to tax registration if start to run the business. The VAT rate is 1% of the monthly sales. For example, if your monthly sales are NTD$80,000, you will be subject to NTD$800 per month and the payment should be made on a quarterly basis.

대만 부가가치세 신고 FAQ

[Taiwan] Taiwan VAT Filing Q&A

In general, a company should file the VAT return every 2 months in Taiwan. However, under certain circumstances, companies can apply for monthly VAT reporting after getting the approval from the tax authority.

FAQ - Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

[Singapore] FAQ – Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

Virtual meetings have been officially accepted. On 9 May 2023, the government accepted the bill proposing changes to continue allowing companies to hold meetings via electronic means (either fully virtual or hybrid), after revoking it under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act.

대만 은행의 예비계좌 FAQ

[Taiwan] Taiwan Preparatory Bank Account Q&A

The company preparatory office is a necessary process in the company incorporation in Taiwan.
Before a company is officially set up, a preparatory bank account needs to be opened by the representative for the initial capital injection. After the company is registered, the preparatory bank account should be transferred to the official account.

대만 회계 기준

[Taiwan] Taiwan Accounting Standards Q&A

All companies in Taiwan are required to keep accurate and complete accounting records in accordance with Taiwan GAAP. This includes maintaining a general ledger, preparing financial statements, and keeping supporting documents such as invoices and receipts.