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All companies in Taiwan are required to keep accurate and complete accounting records in accordance with Taiwan GAAP. This includes maintaining a general ledger, preparing financial statements, and keeping supporting documents such as invoices and receipts.


The currency you should use for your Taiwan company is the New Taiwan Dollars (NTD) and the minimum currency unit is NTD 1 without decimal.


You need to engage a CPA for financial audit if the Taiwan company meet one of following:

  • Capital is NTD$30 million or more
  • Annual sales is NTD$100 million or more
  • Company has 100 employees or more
  • Public company
  • Financial institution (bank, insurance/security company)
  • Bank loan is NTD$30 million or more


  1. Save your time 

Maintaining accounting is a time-consuming job and outsourcing it can let you concentrate on the main business of your Taiwan company.

  1. Cost effectiveness

Outsourcing can save your payroll payment and training costs. It is especially proper for newly incorporated companies.

  1. Reduce the error risk

A professional and experienced agent can provide you the best guidance within your industry in order to reduce the risk of failure.

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Bookkeeping Requirements in Taiwan FAQ

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