[Hong Kong] About & Why Hong Kong

About Hong Kong

Mid-point of Asia "Hong Kong"

  • less than 4 hours’ away to all of Asia’s key markets
  • 5 hours by plane to half of the world’s population 

Simple and Low Tax System

  • Sales Tax
  • VAT
  • Withholding Tax
  • Estate Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Dicidends

Robust Legal System

Hong Kong’s judiciary

  • Quality
  • Independence
  • Respect for the rule of law 


Hong Kong’s commercial and property laws are

  • Trusted
  • Robust
  • Aligned to global standards


This international scope ensure investors are involved in international commercial transactions will find the laws familiar and easy to navigate

Why Hong Kong?

  • Simplify Business Set-up for Foreign Business owners
    – Easy to set up H.K. Company, no restriction on foreigners


  • Premier Strategic Location
    – Heart of Asia, Multicultural Cities, Diverse workforce


  • Clean Governance
    – Fair Business, Low Crime Rate, Safe & Secure


  • Gateway To China
    – CEPA brings New Business, Perfect Springboard for a foreign Investor


  • Low, simple and competitive tax regime


  • World Class Infrastructure
    – Easiest cities to transport around worldwide
    – Continuously develop and upgrade its infrastructure
    – Exhibition and Convention Centre


  • Free Port In Overseas Trading Business
    – Free trade zone
    – Asia hub of import, export and storage


  • Efficient Market
    – Experienced and well-connected talented person

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What is the definition of a small business entity in Taiwan? There are 4 criteria of a small business entity as below. The business scope is small. The monthly sales amount is lower than NTD$200,00. The monthly sales have been verified by the tax authority. Subject to tax registration if start to run the business. The VAT rate is 1% of the monthly sales. For example, if your monthly sales are NTD$80,000, you will be subject to NTD$800 per month and the payment should be made on a quarterly basis.

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