Tips to keep your Hong Kong company in good standing

1. Any annual filing to be completed for my Hong Kong Company?

Yes, the company should complete the (1) Annual Return filing; (2) the renewal of Business Registration Certificate; (3) Employment Return filing, and (4) profit tax return tiling annually.


2. I'm a director of the Company and I have renewed my passport recently, is any information to be updated with Registry?

Yes, the company should keep the valid particular of director in the Registry. If the renewed passport belongs to a different passport number, the company should deliver the notice with the specific form with the Registry within a specific period.


3. For the business purpose, I (the sole shareholder of the company) would like to invite the new investor to invest in my company and will offer the new shares to a new investor. Are any statutory records to be updated?

To allot the new shares, the company shall deliver the notice with a specific form with the Registry within the specific period, also the Register of Members and Significant Controllers Register (if any) to be updated.


4. Can I not report the change during a year and just report when filing an Annual Return?

No, the company/ director/ company secretary or officer has an obligation to keep the proper records and comply with the rules and regulations, so that capacity shall deliver the notice with Registry to ensure the company is in good standing and complete on the compliance matters.


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