Singapore Corporate Tax Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are capital gains taxable for Singapore companies?

Capital gains in Singapore are tax exempt.


2. Are dividends to shareholders taxable for Singapore companies?

There is no dividend tax for Singapore companies. Once you have paid corporate income tax on the profits of your company, the post-tax profits can be distributed to shareholders tax free.


3. Do we still need to file a tax return if our company did not make any profits for the year?

Yes. Every Singapore company is required to file a tax return on an annual basis.


4. For how long can the company losses be carried forwarded?

Where your company incurs business losses in a tax year and the adjusted losses exceeded the other sources of income or where there are no other sources of income to offset the trade losses, there will be unutilised losses from the tax year.

The unutilised losses can be carried forward to offset against your company’s assessable income for the subsequent tax years if it satisfies the Shareholding test when there is no substantial change in its shareholders and their shareholdings as at the relevant dates as determined by authority.


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